Knowledge Management and Data Analytics

As a data-driven firm, DevTech specializes in the management, analysis, and dissemination of quality data. Our expertise in knowledge management and data analytics has placed DevTech at the forefront of open data initiatives. Founded by an economist 35 years ago, DevTech has remained true to its heritage of strong methodological capabilities and has evolved into a firm that employs advanced technological solutions to communicate complex quantitative information to the general public.

DevTech is a data-driven organization committed to promoting knowledge sharing, engagement, and dissemination through a variety of venues such as webinars, training, and reporting. DevTech has built query-driven databases and compelling data visualizations that are used to monitor and evaluate trends in socioeconomic development for planning and design purposes.

DevTech’s commitment to accurate and comprehensive data spans across all of its projects and informs policy for government agencies. From projects that establish full-time data management services to the US Government to short-term knowledge generation and dissemination, we specialize in making data easy to understand and access.

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