Security, Transparency, and Governance

Devtech improves the security, transparency, and the capacity of urban and local governments in countries around the world. From helping a developing country establish autonomy and accountability to broadening rule of law, our goal is to build stronger democratic societies in which citizens are safe, informed, and free. Our projects exist in a variety of permissible and non-permissible places from conflict zones to middle and high income countries.

We have experience implementing projects that counter violent extremism, improve fiscal transparency, improve rule of law and criminal justice systems, strengthen civil society, and more. DevTech brings significant expertise in developing and implementing intergovernmental relationships by providing local governments with the authority and the capacity to fulfill their new responsibilities and amplify the voices of their citizens. This includes restructuring legal and regulatory frameworks to promote the role of civil society, strengthening citizen participation and oversight, promoting youth development, and ensuring that these younger generations will have the abilities and resources available to assume key civic roles in the democratic process.

DevTech’s core practice area of monitoring and evaluation also intersects with our security, transparency, and governance sector. We have designed, implemented, and managed large-scale evaluations in governance, rule of law, criminal justice, and anti-terrorism programs in an effort to improve governance, community resiliency and local confidence in government institutions.

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