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Assessment of the USAID Assistance Program to the Reform of the Benin Primary Education System

Africa USAID/Benin 2005 2005

DevTech fielded a team of five technical experts to assess the accomplishments of USAID support to the education sector in Benin, examine the impact of USAID-funded basic education programming in Benin, and propose follow-on programs. The assessment documented results, identified constraints, reviewed USAID/Benin’s transition strategy, and proposed programming options for future USAID-funded support to the primary education system for the period of 2006–2011.◾Assessed the sustainability of current USAID-funded technical assistance and training to support school district operations and in-service training of teachers;◾Assessed the implementation and the performance of the new study program in private schools while comparing findings with the experience in public schools;◾Assessed the current teacher training model as applied in Benin;◾Identified constraints affecting the reform and provide recommendations on short- and long-term solutions; and◾Assessed the impact and relevance of the USAID/Benin education program, specifically in terms of its objectives, expected results, approach, and the strategy adopted.