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Civilian Security Sector Train-the-Trainer Performance Evaluation - Tunisia

Africa U.S. Department of State 2016 2018

DevTech undertook a performance evaluation that focused on CT and INL assistance to Tunisian civilian law enforcement entities, including but not limited to the Brigade Antiterrorisme (BAT), the National Unit for the Investigation of Terrorist Crimes (UNECT), the Brigade d’Ordre Public (BOP) and BIMOP, the Brigade Nationale d’Intervention Rapide (BNIR), the Commandos, and the Counterterrorism Fusion Center. DevTech evaluation experts evaluated the results of CT and INL interventions, measuring for the success and effectiveness of TOT and other methodologies advanced by CT and INL. DevTech employed a mixed methods approach, deriving valuable data from a variety of data collection techniques, which will derive data from KIIs with a wide range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, to arranging FGDs and survey distribution. The DevTech evaluation was instrumental in informing future DoS-supported U.S. training and assistance to Tunisian civilian law enforcement, and in assisting evaluation end-users, decision makers from CT and INL bureaus, as well as the U.S. Embassy, to make actionable decisions that advance USG strategic objectives, including enhancing Tunisia’s civilian law enforcement entities to build investigative capacity regarding foreign terrorist fighters, as well as beneficiary capacity in the protection of soft targets from terrorist attacks.