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Colombia Monitoring and Evaluation Program

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2010 2014

The Colombia Monitoring and Evaluation Program (MEP) supported USAID/Colombia’s management information needs to facilitate informed program management decisions, and shape the mission’s long-term strategic direction. The program’s primary objective was to develop an M&E mechanism that provided continued performance monitoring, verification, and impact evaluation of program results, including environmental compliance.

At the center of the program was the design, establishment and operation of a Clearing House Management Information System (MIS) for the collection, archiving and reporting of data. The data was used to measure the performance and impact of the programs implementing the USAID/Colombia Mission’s 2010-2014 Strategic Framework. The MIS also captured information on USAID’s contributions to the Colombia Strategic Development Initiative (CSDI) under the direction of the US Embassy.

The MEP had six Program Results:

  • USAID Mission Strategic Framework PMP refined and enhanced
  • Mission-wide USAID/Colombia M&E Clearinghouse developed and implemented
  • Mission-wide activity-level M&E services
  • Mission-wide activity-level environmental compliance verification conducted both within and outside of CSDI regions
  • USAID CSDI PMP refined and enhanced
  • USAID CSDI Impact Evaluation conducted and results reported on a scheduled basis

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