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Component of the Project on Competition, Laws, and Regulations

Europe and Eurasia FTC/DOJ 1995 1995

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have provided joint technical assistance to countries in Central and Eastern Europe in the areas of antitrust and consumer protection with the overarching goal of assisting in the transition to and strengthening of free-market economies. DevTech was contracted to analyze the impact of the FTC/DOJ program on the development and refinement of antitrust and consumer protection legislation and the level and quality of guidance provided to local antitrust and consumer protection institutions.The project involved extensive and intensive data collection through on-site interviews, observations, document analysis, and reviews of existing records and files in Washington, D.C., Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.DevTech completed the data collection process and interviewed Washington-based FTC, DOJ, and USAID staff before fielding a three-person team to gather data and conduct structured interviews with antimonopoly staff, judges, attorneys, and representatives of consumer organizations in the four cooperating countries. USAID in-country staff, contractor staff of related projects, and other donor agency staff were also interviewed. The team then conducted follow-up interviews with Washington-based staff. The final report contained specific recommendations for the transfer of major components of FTC/DOJ technical assistance to other programs.