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Curriculum Development Assessment for the Foreign Service Institute

North America U.S. Department of State 2013 2013

DevTech completed the data collection process and interviewed Washington-based FTC, DOJ, and USAID staff before fielding a three-person team to gather data and conduct structured interviews with antimonopoly staff, judges, attorneys, and representatives of consumer organizations in the four cooperating countries. USAID in-country staff, contractor staff of related projects, and other donor agency staff were also interviewed. The team then conducted follow-up interviews with Washington-based staff. The final report contained specific recommendations for the transfer of major components of FTC/DOJ technical assistance to other programs. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the U.S. Department of State’s training bureau and the U.S. Government’s primary training institution for the U.S. foreign affairs community. DevTech is currently working with FSI to perform a baseline assessment using appreciative inquiry methods in order to provide recommendations for a comprehensive approach to curriculum development for all four schools within FSI as well as the Transition Center.