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Dominican Republic Tri-Project Evaluation

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2012 2013

In partnership with AMEX International, DevTech conducted a formative evaluation of three USAID economic growth projects in the Dominican Republic (DR):

  1. The DR Caribbean Free Trade Agreement Implementation Project (DR-CAFTA IP);
  2. The Rural Economic Diversification Project (USAID/RED); and
  3. The Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance Project (USAID/DSTA).

These evaluations provided an overall assessment of the accomplishments and impact of the Mission’s Economic Growth program. In addition, each individual evaluation has served as a mid-term assessment of project implementation, measuring against targets and deliverables. This activity included an impact evaluation component that allowed USAID/DR and its implementing partners to make mid-course corrections and aided USAID/DR to assess how support to the Dominican economy has increased sustainable economic opportunities for the poor and has achieved improved conditions for a more competitive economy.