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EB Fiscal Transparency Innovation Fund

Africa U.S. Department of State 2016 2017

The FTIF program was created in FY 2012 to build technical capacity in governments that are willing to improve their FT as well as the ability of civil society to press for, analyze, and monitor government finances. The FTIF is co-managed by the Department of State’s Office of Monetary Affairs (OMA) and USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (EB). Implementation activities, such as the recruitment and backstopping of Resident Advisors, are the responsibility of the U.S. Treasury (OTA). Annual reviews of the performance of governments receiving U.S. assistance are provided through yearly Fiscal Transparency Reports (FTR), to ensure that U.S. taxpayer money is used appropriately. The purpose of this Evaluation Report is to inform the development of mechanisms to support the State Department’s EB OMA FTIF program. The information provided in this report is intended to help improve the processes for selecting, monitoring, and measuring technical assistance (TA) efforts designed and implemented by U.S. diplomatic missions abroad, to build public and institutional support for strong FT regimes and to reinforce United States Government (USG) foreign assistance policy priorities.