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Economic Growth Support Activity (EGSA) in Indonesia

Asia USAID/Indonesia 2019 2022

Under the USAID PFM II IDIQ, DevTech is currently implementing the Economic Growth Support Activity (EGSA) task order in Indonesia. EGSA supports USAID/Indonesia’s economic growth efforts. EGSA will be implemented over two years with the possibility of a one-year option year. DevTech is tasked with assisting USAID/Indonesia in determining targeted areas for technical assistance under the Mission’s next Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS). The main areas of consulting work include assisting the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in strengthening its capacity with respect to effective tax collection and execution of the budget; helping USAID/Indonesia strengthen it’s working relationship with central government ministries in support of future collaboration with USAID/Indonesia; and supporting USAID/Indonesia in identifying partners to support and leverage their activities within the GOI, donors, and the private sector.