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Economic and Social Data Services (ESDS)

Global USAID 1995 2001

The USAID Center for Development Information and Evaluation (CDIE) Economic and Social Data Service project provided a wide range of analytic and technical support services to maintain the Economic and Social Data Base (ESDB) and to sustain ESDS and its corollary work with USAID central and regional Bureaus, and field Missions.DevTech ESDS economists utilized the latest computer software applications and statistical research techniques to access, exchange, and manipulate large international databases.ESDS analysts provided demand-driven, analytical services (quantitative research, methodology development, econometric modeling, macroeconomic policy analysis, special socioeconomic studies, and performance monitoring and evaluation efforts) to USAID regional Bureaus.Further, the ESDS staff provided economic and social data measures and inputs that track country development trends; provided technical support for special Mission projects and initiatives; and served as the Agency focal point for coordinating and harmonizing socioeconomic data from a wide range of sources.

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