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Environmental Information Systems and Networking (EISN)

Europe and Eurasia USAID 1998 2003

DevTech provided project management services to the USAID EcoLinks Trade and Investment program in USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade for five years (1998–2003). The Program facilitated the transfer of environmental technologies and services to businesses, municipalities, and associations in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.As the prime contractor during the first stage of the project, DevTech developed a performance monitoring system for the Trade and Investment Program that tracks positive environmental impacts achieved by EcoLinks projects, highlights capacity-building initiatives, and identifies new investments in the environmental sector leveraged by EcoLinks.DevTech provided technical assistance to EcoLinks partners and technology representatives to improve the development of environmental projects, and helped project sponsors to secure project financing. DevTech staff also represented EcoLinks at environmental trade shows and financing workshops in the United States and abroad, and coordinated EcoLinks conference participation.