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Environmental Technology Network for Asia (ETNA)

Asia USAID 1994 1999

Under the management of the U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP), the Environmental Technology Network for Asia (ETNA) linked nine US-AEP technical representatives in Asia with the U.S. environmental business community.DevTech’s ETNA staff:Disseminated useful and timely information to small and medium-size U.S. environmental organizations and businesses, and assisted U.S. firms interested in pursuing business opportunities in Asia and the Pacific. Managed and operated the Technology Transfer Opportunity (TTO) Dissemination Program and provided value-added services to participating U.S. environmental organizations. Created tailored information packages to meet clients’ needs for TTO and environmental business information. The topics covered included Asian markets, hazardous and nonhazardous waste management, waste treatment technologies, pollution prevention, environmental regulations, finance and economics, contracting, and government and nongovernment business assistance programs.