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Evaluation for Power Sector Program (PSP)

Latin America and the Caribbean U.S. Department of State 2015 2016

The purpose of the PSP evaluation was to help the Bureau of Energy Resources determine the effectiveness of PSP activities and to identify lessons learned for PSP management decisions going forward. DevTech Systems was tasked with addressing: the effectiveness of ENR coordination with PSP stakeholders; the usefulness of PSP activities to benefitting governments and lessons learned for recommending changes to future PSP programming. The evaluation focused on the time period from early 2013, when ENR launched the PSP, to the end of calendar year 2015, roughly the third year of implementation. Based on the statement of work, the DevTech Evaluation Team developed a PSP Evaluation Management Plan. The evaluation was conducted over a four-month period from November 2015 to March 2016 by a four-member team of evaluation specialists and energy experts. Activities evaluated largely focused on promoting increased integration of power sectors across different countries, as well as fostering the generation of electricity from alternative (renewable) energy sources.