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Evaluation of Econ@State (DOS EVAL IDIQ – FA 6)

North America U.S. Department of State 2019 2020

The Econ@State Web Portal provides information to improve knowledge management for economic personnel at DoS, at home and abroad. Under this contract DevTech will evaluate the effectiveness of the Econ@State Web Portal on informing State Department personnel about priority campaigns, the most significant economic issues and whether or not it’s fulfilling its mission of covering the e-learning gap where State-sponsored or other training sources lack resources. Throughout the evaluation, the DevTech Team will examine the content of the Web Portal, the needs of the users, the layout and design, and the overall effectiveness of mechanism. DevTech’s evaluation will direct EB’s future resourcing and programming related to Econ@State. Thus far, the evaluation team has developed a draft evaluation plan and data collection tools, as well conducted two key informant interviews with members of the EB/EPPD office. In the upcoming month, DevTech will conduct a site content analysis, an analysis of site statistics, a user survey of EB staff both domestic and abroad, conduct at least 28 more key informant interviews and do a case study of site content to inform the final evaluation report.