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Evaluation of Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundation

Global USAID/Washington 2016 2017

DevTech conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundations to provide USAID, other Fund and Foundation stakeholders, and the American public with an account of the experiences, successes and accomplishments, and shortcomings of the Funds and Foundations. The evaluation team used a combination of approaches and tools that varied by country. Primary sources included field visits in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine and meetings with USG representatives, current and former Fund and Foundation staff, and site visits with samples of Enterprise Funds’ investees and Legacy Foundations’ grantees as a verification method from initial findings gathered from the document review, key informant interviews (KIIs), and focus group discussions (FGDs). The team used KIIs with stakeholders employing a semi-structured interview approach to gather qualitative information to address evaluation questions. The evaluation team conducted separate FGDs with the staff of Legacy Foundations and anonymous electronic surveys through the Google Forms online platform to collect information from a broader group of stakeholders in Romania and Hungary. The evaluation team successfully condensed challenges, successes, and recommendations for 10 Funds and 9 Foundations into a single, cohesive report, and has worked closely with the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia to finalize a product for several USAID Missions and Fund and Foundation stakeholders.