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Evaluation of USAID/Jordan's Efforts to Improve Water Resources Management

Middle East USAID/Jordan 2002 2003

In 1993, the USAID Mission in Jordan developed the Water Quality Improvement and Conservation (WQIC) Project. This $25 million five-year project focused on the Zarqa River Basin and included comprehensive technical assistance designed to help the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) develop sound water management policies including the strengthening of water sector institutions.The Mission’s Strategic Objective (SO) 2 is to build stronger water-sector institutions, increase efficiency in the use of water resources; and improve the quality of wastewater in Jordan. DevTech assisted the Mission in evaluating the overall impact of the SO’s implementation during the past 10 years by completing a general evaluation of the water sector and presenting options for the direction of USAID’s program including answering such questions as:>Was each activity reaching its targeted population?>Were all the needed areas covered by the activities?>Is there a need for a different mix of activities that will contribute more to the objective?DevTech Systems submitted a report on the organization and effectiveness of the SO in December 2002.

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