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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of PRM-Supported Programs to Build the Capacity of Colombian Municipal Authorities to Assist Internally Displaced Persons

Latin America and the Caribbean U.S. Department of State 2015 2016

The primary purpose of this evaluation was to assess to what extent the U.S. Department of State of Bureau Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM)-supported capacity building programs, implemented over the FY12 to FY15 period by Global Communities, International Relief and Development, and Mercy Corps, have contributed to improving the response of municipal authorities to assist internally displaced persons (IDPs). The evaluation combined quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis from documents reviewed as well as interview and focus group data collected during fieldwork. Fieldwork was conducted between January and February 2016 in Bogotá, Popayán, Mocoa, Puerto Asis, and Cúcuta. The DevTech evaluation team conducted a total of 62 semi-structured key informant interviews and focus groups with 170 individuals; 54 of these interviews were PRM-program related. The other eight meetings that were held included international donors and a Constitutional Court official focused on IDPs as well as international organizations and donors working in Colombia. Prior to the commencing fieldwork, the evaluation team conducted eight meetings, mostly by phone, with PRM staff in Washington, DC and Bogotá, PRM’s NGO implementing partner staff, and seven meetings with practitioners and academics.