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Evaluation of the USAID/Zambia's Education Program

Africa USAID/Zambia 2003 2009

DevTech completed an independent assessment of the USAID/Zambia’s education program between 2003 and 2009, and presented recommendations for USAID’s new educational strategy, programming options, and investments for 2010–2015.The evaluation team conducted:A summative evaluation of the three largest USAID-funded education programs, andA sectoral evaluation that assesses the synergies among projects for affecting overall program sub-sectors such as teacher training and information management systems.The three-person team spent six weeks in Zambia utilizing six complementary, inter-related forms of gathering information through:A review of pertinent documents throughout the evaluation process;Individual and group interviews;Focus group discussions;Visits to 29 schools, classroom observations, and conversations with local citizens;Meetings with MOE personnel in six District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) and three Provincial Education Officer (PEO) offices, district, zonal and provincial resource centers, three community radio stations, and two teacher training colleges in Lusaka, Eastern and Southern provinces. as well as , grantees’ offices, non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), andothers; andthe administration of anonymous questionnaires to individuals and groups of people involved in and knowledgeable of one or more of the program activities

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