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Fast Track Initiative Evaluation

Africa USAID/Zambia 2008 2008

DevTech led an impact evaluation to access the impact of USAID/Zambia’s Fast Track Initiative (FTI) funding on the development of community schools. The evaluation reviewed the activities and achievements of USAID’s one-time FTI funding, which was made available to accelerate the achievement of universal primary education through three existing programs. The study assessed the degree to which USAID supplementary support strengthened the ability of the Ministry of Education to support community schools at the various institutional levels (national, provincial/district, community, school, and classroom) of the education delivery system. The evaluation also examined specific teacher training interventions at the target community schools. Based on the findings of the evaluation, DevTech identified potential directions for future education programming in Zambia, strategic targets for FTI funding, and proposed options to address the challenge of teacher attrition in the country.

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