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Feasibility Study to Examine Kenya Revenue Authority's Information and Communications Technology Strategy

Africa U.S. Trade and Development Agency 2005 2006

U.S. Trade and Development Agency/Kenya Revenue Authority (2005–2006)DevTech partnered with the M Group on a U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)- funded feasibility study to examine the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy, issue proposals and recommendations for modernization of this strategy, and identify and develop costing for procuring and implementing a computerized integrated tax management system. Specific tasks within the KRA’s Enterprise Integrated System Architecture (KREISA) plan included:Reviewing the KRA’s functions, processes, technology infrastructure, and policies concerning the KRA’s tax management functions nationwide;Undertaking Business Process Improvement with regard to the KRA’s tax management functions;Determining the features that are necessary in the tax management software and identifying potential products to meet these requirements;Developing a high-level implementation plan for procuring and implementing the new software, and network infrastructure, and developing an implementation strategy;Developing a KRA ICT framework document to support the KRA’s business functions; andIdentifying legal and regulatory issues relevant to the procurement and implementation of the new system, and recommending measures to address these issues.

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