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Girls' and Women's Education

Global USAID 1997 2003

DevTech provided technical and administrative support services to the USAID Bureau of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade, Office of Women in Development (EGAT/WID) in support of Girls’ and Women’s Education (GWE) Activity Objectives. DevTech assisted EGAT/WID in monitoring the Girls’ and Women’s Education Initiative; developing effective communications among relevant stakeholders; and documenting programs and products developed concerning the initiative. To accomplish these goals, DevTech:Planned, coordinated, and participated in meetings, workshops, and related events;Provided technical and administrative assistance to Missions (Ghana, Guatemala, Peru, and Morocco), including participating in the assessment, design, and evaluation of current and proposed GWE programs;Wrote or assisted with the development of reports, studies, and concept papers; andDeveloped and maintained reference materials on the GWE initiative.Throughout the length of this contract, DevTech conducted gender training focused on strategic planning, performance measurement, data collection and analysis tools, and monitoring and evaluation. DevTech responded to more than 100 USAID mission requests for technical assistance covering all sectors including education evaluation, gender analysis, gender integration, training, and dissemination. More than thirty gender assessments and gender integration activities were performed in four regions including Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Latin America and The Caribbean.

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