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Guinea Rural Roads

Africa USAID 1993 1996

The study finds that the impact of rural roads on agricultural markets and marketing activities, a strategic objective of the PNIR project, is considerable. Over the last three years, marketing traffic has increased six fold, while the number of people in markets, the number of commercial vehicle operators, and the number of traders have all more than doubled. The number of tax tickets levied on markets has increased threefold, which clearly indicates an increase in the number of commercial transactions. The volume of agricultural products sold in markets has increased fivefold, and transportation time has decreased to one-sixth of what it was, since the average speed on improved roads has increased from 6 kilometers per hour (kdh) to 35 kdh. As a result, transportation costs have been cut in half for passengers as well as for commodities, and traffic is no longer halted during the rainy season. Villages that were totally cut off are now linked to the outside world year-round.

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