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Honduran Education Evaluation

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2001 2001

Through a task order under the Evaluation IQC, DevTech reviewed the Honduran Secretary of Education’s proposed curriculum for preschool to ensure that it was in harmony with proposed education reforms and the end results anticipated from these reforms. DevTech implemented the following tasks:>Reviewed the proposed standards for preschool education to assure that these standards were consistent with the major goals and proposed policies for the national basic curriculum;>Reviewed the proposed curriculum to ensure that it was consistent with the proposed standards for preschool education;>Ensured that the proposed curriculum included appropriate content, evaluation criteria, and policies to increase student achievement in the early grades of primary education, as children continue their studies in primary schools;>Prepared recommendations for developing the educational materials and the training of teachers for the implementation of the new curriculum to include cost estimates for materials and teacher training programs; and>Prepared policy recommendations to ensure universal access to preschool programs for all children five years of age.DevTech prepared a final report providing a summary of the tasks completed above, including its final recommendations.