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Honduras Vocational and Technical Training Centers

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2000 2002

DevTech supported USAID/Honduras in meeting the critical need to reconstruct the educational facilities that were destroyed by Hurricane Mitch. DevTech provided the Mission with technical assistance in establishing and strengthening vocational centers and improving the overall quality of the training. Activities included:>Negotiating and managing grants to NGOs operating the vocational training centers;>Overseeing the construction and expansion of the centers;>Strengthening the financial viability of the centers;>Establishing and/or improving certification programs within the centers;>Improving the quality of the training and the materials;>Enforcing quality control efforts;>Developing and implementing operational models designed to support the formation of small service businesses and enterprises for graduates; and>Developing policies and a pilot program for reforming public secondary-level vocational-technical education to increase relevancy, quality, cost-effectiveness, and equity.

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