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Hurricane Ivan Social Sector Infrastructure Repair and Reconstruction

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2004 2005

USAID contracted DevTech to facilitate the rapid reconstruction and refurbishment of education and health facilities that were damaged by Hurricane Ivan during 2004. The project restored 95 facilities to pre-hurricane conditions or better.DevTech conducted nearly 150 assessments of facilities in order to ascertain which sites qualified under project criteria, and eventually repaired 26 schools, including one university, 66 clinics or community health centers, and three NGOs. The 95 facilities are situated in each of the three regions of Jamaica and in every one of the country’s 14 parishes. The final repairs brought better conditions and benefits to an estimated one million people in the population areas most directly served by the facilities.DevTech coordinated closely with USAID and the Jamaican Office of National Reconstruction throughout project implementation.

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