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Improving Business Climate in Morocco (IBCM)

Middle East USAID 2005 2009

The Improving the Business Climate in Morocco (IBCM) Program in Morocco supported the government to be more responsive to the needs of business, so that businesses could more effectively contribute to Morocco’s goals of expanded economic growth and job creation. DevTech assessed gender-based constraints and integrated gender into each of the four components of the project:Improved policy, legal, and regulatory environment;More efficient and effective judiciary;Improved support systems for financial markets expansion; andMore growth-oriented tax policies, laws, and regulations.Specifically, DevTech:Provided review and inputs to project work plan development to ensure gender integration;Assessed gender-based constraints to the expansion of financial markets;Catalogued available resources including women’s business associations and women lawyer’s associations and established contacts with those stakeholders in the business sector;Provided input into the drafting, review, and monitoring of policy, laws, and regulations to ensure that gender considerations are factored into them;Reviewed training plans to ensure that those training workshops delivered under the project incorporate issues of particular importance to women in business;Integrated gender into indicators and baseline data collection and analysis (where feasible and useful to monitor) through sex-disaggregated data, the  impact of the project and/or particular interventions under the project on women and men; andProvided gender integration training to IBCM staff in Morocco.

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