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Institutional Reform and Restructure of the Regional Administration of the National Authority of the Environment of the Government of Panama

Latin America and the Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank 2000 2000

DevTech provided assistance to Panama’s environmental protection agency that involved conducting a complete organizational restructuring and strengthening the agency. ANAM launched an environmental action program in the Darien region aimed at recuperating and protecting its natural resources and improving the quality of life of the people in a manner consistent with the sustainability of its resources. DevTech provided technical assistance in the following activities:>Organizational analysis of ANAM, including procedures and responsibilities of the central and regional offices; contracting methods and personnel procedures and functions; and staff training activities;>Preparation of an administrative procedures manual; development of contracting rules and guidelines; and design of an institutional support project; and>Recommendations for management and control procedures, identification of roles and responsibilities of the regional and central offices, hiring and deployment of personnel and the reassignment of functions and shifts, and the job profiles of new ANAM personnel as well as the personnel training costs and corresponding budgets.