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Integrated Orientation, Follow-on, & Evaluation Program for Participant Training in Egypt

Africa USAID 1992 1992

DevTech conducted a comprehensive review of more than 60 training projects undertaken by USAID/Egypt since the 1970s. The purpose of this project was to determine Mission goals for an integrated orientation, follow-on, and evaluation (OFE) program through interviews with Mission officials; carry out an inventory of all OFE activities implemented in the Mission projects; analyze the status of OFE activities with regard to policy requirements; and assess the needs of the recipients through interviews with returned participants. DevTech also evaluated organizations and institutions working in Egypt to determine their interest in participation, their capacity to effectively participate, and ways various organizations could work together to assist the Mission in carrying out its training objectives.Based upon the findings, DevTech recommended a five-year implementation plan for an OFE program that appropriately and creatively utilized all available resources, fostered effective networking at a minimum cost, emphasized quality of contacts rather than quantity, and incorporated the specific needs and circumstances of USAID/Egypt.