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Jordan Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management (FRPFM)

Middle East USAID/Jordan 2016 2020

The purpose of the Jordan Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management (FRPFM) is to advance the Government of Jordan’s economic reform agenda. As a subcontractor to Deloitte Consulting LLP, DevTech is tasked with providing long-term and short-term support in the areas of Gender-based budgeting and gender mainstreaming in fiscal policy reform. DevTech’s one Cooperating Country National (CCN) staff person is supported by international short-term technical assistance to contribute to a gender mainstreaming strategy for FRPFM, conduct analysis on barriers and opportunities in considering gender with respect to fiscal affairs, promoting budget planning and execution that takes into account gender impacts, and supporting fiscal policy that promotes gender equality. FRPFM contributes to the USAID Mission Goal of Improved Prosperity, Accountability, and Equality for a Stable Democratic Jordan. As such, DevTech collaborates closely with other USAID/Jordan projects related to public financial management issues, and also coordinates with activities of the Mission in other sectors, such as energy, democracy and governance, water, health, and education to the extent interventions under this activity impact those sectors.

FRPFM focuses on four components to accomplish these objectives:

  1. Revenue performance through improved tax policy and administration;
  2. Budget efficiency and transparency;
  3. Fiscal sustainability through structural reforms; and
  4. Exit strategy.