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Kosovo Private Enterprise Program

Europe and Eurasia USAID 2008 2012

Kosovo Private Enterprise Program (PEP) is designed to elevate impact by catalyzing transformational change for Kosovo’s economy through lasting improvements in private sector competitiveness. PEP includes four main components:1. Support private sector in targeted sectors with potential for growth and competitiveness;2. Identify demand-driven development for business support services;3. Improve the business enabling environment; and4. Workforce development.The Private Enterprise Program also addresses the cross-cutting areas of gender, youth, and minority development.DevTech’s contribution in the preliminary stages of the program has been in the workforce development component. DevTech specialists have identified training gaps in critical economic sectors, and have developed both short- and long-term intervention plans. The key sectors include agriculture, construction, forestry, ICT, tourism, recycling, metals, and decorative stone.

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