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Local Development Program II: Design of Indicators of Financial Performance and Classification of Municipalities

Latin America and the Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank 2001 2001

In collaboration with ICMA, DevTech developed a manual for the application of a topology for the development of a pilot Financial and Administrative Indicator system for municipalities. The manual includes a detailed description of methodology and procedures for collecting and handling the data, selecting the sample of twenty-six municipalities, and conducting the evaluation exercise, forms and instructions for completing the forms, step-by-step descriptions of how to calculate each indicator which will be reviewed, and explanations as to how to do a first test with theoretic data and a second test with 26 real cases.DevTech also prepared and presented to the InterAmerican Development Bank’s Municipal Development Group the materials required to implement the exercise, including survey and rest results. To that effect DevTech implemented the exercise, including data collection, selecting and training the evaluators, identifying the initial test groups, carrying out two tests, providing training to municipalities to assist them in preparing for the exercise and helping communicate the event to the municipalities.