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Measuring Cuban public opinion: project report

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 1999 1999

This study uses as a surrogate for Cubans on the island Cuban emigres who have been in theUnited States for only a short period of time. In an attempt to match the characteristics of theCuban population, the data were weighted according to age, gender, race, and place of residencyin Cuba. In addition, the questionnaire included a series of issues which tapped not only whatthe respondent thought in relation to the issue, but also what the views of other Cubans would be,including supporters of the regime. By making explicit a separate request for the points of viewsof others, as distinct from their own, interviewers were able to obtain both the opinions of Cubanemigres and the perceived opinions of other segments of the society. Over a period of severalmonths, December 1998 to April 1999, interviews were obtained from 1023 persons.

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