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Measuring Overall Impact of East Africa CVE

Africa U.S. Department of State 2016 2017

Under the Measuring the Overall Impact of East Africa CVE Initiative, DevTech is designing and conducting an evaluation of the FY15 Counterterrorism Partnership Fund (CTPF) Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs in Kenya and Tanzania to measure the overall effect of collective programming on reducing engagement in and recruitment into VE activities in East Africa. DevTech is conducting a quasi-experimental impact evaluation (IE), specifically difference-in-difference with propensity score matching (DID+PSM) to measure the overall impact of CTPF programs in select regions in Kenya and Tanzania. DevTech is currently identifying appropriate communities to serve as comparison groups in both countries that are similar to beneficiary communities in terms of household-level observable characteristics – religion, age, gender, annual expenditures, education level, and rural vs. non-rural – as well as specific observable regional characteristics including known presence of violent extremist organizations and recent attacks.