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Mid-Term Assessment of the USAID/Senegal Middle Basic Education Program

Africa USAID 2006 2006

The purpose of this mid-term assessment was to review program progress to date and identify areas for improvements that would facilitate the attainment of planned results and guide the Ministry of Education and USAID in developing a program for supplemental basic education funds. The evaluation team, comprised of four education evaluators, reviewed USAID/Senegal’s Middle Basic Education assistance strategy, suggested adjustments to existing programs, and recommended priorities for future assistance. The evaluation team assessed USAID/Senegal’s efforts to achieve the following objectives:Increased access to middle school;Improved learning and teaching environment;Increased participation of local government and communities in education, management, and financing;Management of the USAID/Senegal program; andMonitoring and evaluation of the program.The evaluation addressed 53 research questions subsumed under six key questions:Is the program achieving expected results (at the SO, KIR and SIR levels)?Is the approach (or model) sufficient to achieve the expected results and how might it be modified?Are the current implementation approached effective and how might they be improved?Should the Mission expand the present program and, if so, with what modifications)?Should the Mission expand into additional regions or work in urban areas?What, if any, additional program components should be added?

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