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Midline and Endline Evaluations of the U.S.-Ghana Child Protection Compact Partnership through the DoS TIP Office BPA

Africa DOS 2017 2020

DevTech completed the midline performance evaluation of the U.S.-Ghana Child Protection Compact Partnership (CPC) in early 2018 and was recently chosen by the TIP Office to conduct the endline evaluation. The midline evaluation, which evaluated the first two years of the compact partnership (10/1/15 - 9/30/17) by replicating elements of the baseline methodology, collected and analyzed data from the national, regional and district level in five regions – three CPC-focused regions: Volta, Central, and Greater Accra; and two counterfactual regions: Eastern and Ashanti – in order to determine the extent to which the CPC Partnership was achieving its objectives (prevention, protection, prosecution, and process improvement), and to identify key obstacles, so that mid-course corrections could be made.