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Moldova Governance Country Threshold Program

Europe and Eurasia USAID 2007 2009

DevTech worked in Moldova with Millenium-IP3 partners to implement the MCC Threshold Country Plan for Moldova. DevTech worked primarily on tax administration reform to prevent and deter corruption in the administration of tax law by reducing opportunities for corruption and improving efficiency in tax assessments and collections. It also sought to limit tax officials’ interaction with taxpayers and remove as much as possible personal discretion in assessments and collections; upgrade tax collections; and substantially upgrade the professionalism and customer service capacity of the government cadre.The core of the program was the standardization and automation of procedures, and the expansion of the UNDP-developed E-Declarations Information System and Portal to allow full functionality and on-line submission of the full array of required tax returns, electronic communication with tax authorities, and uninterrupted access to entity-specific information such as assessments. The expanded system addressed all forms of taxes, including personal income tax, corporate income tax, and value-added tax, as well as assessments and filings to the Social Insurance Fund.