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Moldova PE and Sector Assessment of Competitiveness Project

Europe and Eurasion DOI 2019 2020

Under the USAID EVAL-ME IDIQ, DevTech is carrying out the Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Moldova Competitiveness Project and a Sector Assessment of the competitiveness of the target industries that USAID has supported during the period 2005-2019. The target industries include wine, tourism, light manufacturing, and information and communication technologies. The purpose of the mid-term evaluation is to determine the extent that MCP has been successful in developing and promoting the four key industries. The findings will help determine what sector components and project aspects are working well and which perhaps are not and why. USAID will also use the findings to help guide USAID’s MCP project over its second half, and if necessary, make modifications and mid-course corrections. The Sector Assessment will provide an assessment of progress achieved to date, program effectiveness in supporting the targeted sectors as well as their sustainability. The results of both the MCP evaluation and the sector assessments will be used in future USAID strategic planning, design of activities, adapting to changing context and improvement in its overall assistance provision