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Monitoring and Evaluation of Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) Programs

Latin America and the Caribbean U.S. Department of State 2014 2016

For INL’s Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) task order, DevTech conducted evidence-based evaluations of CARSI activities financed with International Narcotics and Control and Law Enforcement (INCLE) funds, administered by INL’s Office of Western Hemisphere Programs (INL/WHP), in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama from Fiscal Year 2009 to FY2016. During this period, the U.S. Congress appropriated $733.1 million in INCLE funds to INL/CARSI to help to strengthen Central American law enforcement and justice sector institutions; assist in countering organized crime; and advance community policing, gang prevention, and socioeconomic programs for at-risk communities. DevTech also developed a systematic monitoring and reporting system for these civilian security activities, adapted from the system DevTech developed for the INL/CBSI evaluation to support INL’s monitoring, analysis, and reporting activities as well as management decisions.