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Nigeria Support for Strategic Information and Project Management Services (S4SIPMS)

Africa USAID/Nigeria 2017 2021

In October 2016, USAID/Nigeria awarded DevTech Systems, Inc. the Support for Strategic Information and Program Management Services (S4SIPMS) Project in support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Nigeria Office of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) in meeting its strategic information and program management needs as required by the Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) and USAID. In order for USAID/Nigeria to accomplish its goal in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the Mission was tasked with supporting the strengthening of the Nigerian national health system through the use of Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS). SIMS continuously monitor and assess sites receiving PEPFAR funding to ensure that program implementation is effective and of high quality, and that the sites adhere to national and international standards. The Project will achieve these goals achievement of the objectives below:

  1. Planning and Conducting SIMS Assessments
    • Support for all data collection, analysis, reporting and quality improvement (QI) needs through the use of the SIMS tools;
    • Support the management and application of SIMS assessment per Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) requirements
    • Promote quality management/quality improvement (QM/QI) approach to service delivery and process
  2. Capacity Building for Data Use
    • Increase the capacity of implementing partners (IPs), strengthen Mission’s capacity to utilize SIMS data for continuous quality improvement and program monitoring
  3. Synthesize Evaluation Lessons and Analyze to determine Policy Implications
    • Increase proper documentation, recording, data demand and use; and
    • Foster country ownership and sustainability for program improvement and services delivery through data use.

In FY2017, the S4SIPMS Project completed 635 Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) assessments, across 28 states, on behalf of USAID. In FY2018, the project has a target of 420 SIMS assessments, including above-site, facility, and community site visits.