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Performance Evaluation of the USAID/Egpyt Trade Facilitation Project (TFP)

Africa USAID/Egypt 2015 2016

The purpose of this performance evaluation was to assist USAID/Egypt and USAID/Washington in informing decisions regarding: (a) the effectiveness of TFP’s approach to improving the export capacity of Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the sustainability of these improvements; (b) the effectiveness of policy-related technical assistance to the Government of Egypt (GOE); and (c) the nature and scope of possible future export promotion projects based on lessons learned from TFP. A five-person DevTech Systems, Inc., (DevTech) evaluation team conducted the performance evaluation in Egypt between October 2, 2015, and November 12, 2015. All team members were native Arabic speakers other than the team leader, who has extensive experience in project evaluation, including four previous studies in Egypt. The team used tailored questionnaires for targeted beneficiary SMEs, assisted energy efficiency firms, stakeholders, export consortium groups and project trainers. Overall, the team interviewed 31 (out of 140) SMEs, 10 (out of 28) energy efficiency firms, 15 (out of 18) stakeholders, 2 (out of 2) export consortium groups, and 6 (out of 11) project trainers.

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