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Program Cycle Service Center

Global USAID/Bureau fo Policy, Planning, and Learning (PPL) 2011 2017

In September 2011, USAID/PPL awarded DevTech a 5-year prime contract to establish the Program Cycle Service Center. The Service Center provided PPL and USAID Missions with short-term specialized technical assistance in all aspects of the Program Cycle. These included:Strategic PlanningProject DesignEvaluations and Performance MonitoringCollaborating, Learning and AdaptingThe technical assistance will ensure that all aspects of the program cycle are not considered as discrete, disconnected activities but as essential components of an integrated programming cycle that allows the Agency to build an evidence-based learning organization. All activities that the Service Center implements will include a mentoring and coaching component that includes the new concepts, policies, and guidance that are incorporated into the USAID FORWARD reforms.DevTech led a team of individuals and organizations to provide the following services:The core staff of five supported USAID/PPL in its efforts to integrate all components of the Program Cycle into a streamlined, efficient, and effective process. Organizational partners include International Resources Group, Management Systems International, and the Public Health Institute.

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