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Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy Kabul.

Middle East U.S. Embassy/Kabul (PAS) 2015 2017

In Phase 1, the DevTech M&E Team assisted PAS in developing a comprehensive monitoring, research, and evaluation strategy for its strategic communications efforts and grant-funded programs. The DevTech M&E Team prepared a Public Diplomacy Strategy Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (PMEP) FY2015 - FY2017, and discussed the key components of this plan with PAS, which includes, the Results Framework, Performance Indicators Matrix and Implementation Plan. In Phase 2, DevTech conducted efforts, research studies, and evaluations to help PAS improve oversight of its grant funding, and identify key outcomes and result of its programs. For certain subject initiatives which pose difficulties due to political sensitivities and the security landscape, DevTech partnered with local consultants/consulting firms, researchers, survey data collectors etc., to ensure that data collection is comprehensive, and analysis is strongly grounded. In July 2015, the DevTech M&E Team prepared one-page profiles of the following six initiatives because of the priority importance to ongoing Public Diplomacy programming: Program Monitoring in Remote and Insecure Areas Technical Assistance Embassy Scholars Program Research Study US-Afghan Exchange Program Evaluation Lincoln Learning Centers Performance Assessment PAS Media Messaging and Major Story Program Analysis Developing a Public Diplomacy Data System