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Public Diplomacy Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation - Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the US Embassy Kabul

Middle East U.S. Department of State 2015 2016

Services provided by DevTech’s under this contract were necessary to assess achievement of PAS core public diplomacy objectives and to gather information for the design of future programs. The core PAS public diplomacy objectives, and examples of supporting programs and initiatives, included: 1. Empower civil society;2. Counter Violent Extremism;3. Strengthen People-To-People Ties;4. Expand Media Outreach/Build Afghan Communication Capacity;In order to assess the PAS core public diplomacy objectives(above), the DevTech M&E Team provided a package of M&E services to meet the ongoing needs of PAS, which included: • Monitoring and evaluating programs implemented by PAS;• Monitoring and evaluating programs implemented by partners who receive funding through a robust grants program;• Monitoring public opinion and test messages and information products with a variety of Afghan audiences;• Monitor media in Afghanistan on television, print, electronic, radio and social media.