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Public Opinion Poll on USAID Visibility in Senegal

Africa USAID 2008 2010

In 2008, USAID conducted a comprehensive national opinion poll on the visibility of USAID in terms of geographical coverage and population groups (age, sex, etc.). The 2008 poll provided baseline data on USAID visibility in Senegal. This 2010 study was a follow-up to the 2008 study, in order to measure the level of USAID visibility over time. This study provides longitudinal data.B. ObjectivesThe survey objectives were the following:1. To measure the awareness of the existence of foreign assistance in Senegal.2. To assess the perception and level of effectiveness of foreign assistance in Senegal.3. To measure the awareness of the countries providing assistance to Senegal.4. To identify the areas in which Senegal receives development assistance from various countries, in particular the US.5. To assess the population’s perception of the need for development assistance.6. To measure awareness of USAID and the projects it has sponsored. (Utilizing aided and unaided questions.1)7. To measure the unaided and aided awareness of the USAID logo.8. To assess the overall perception of USAID.9. To identify commonly used sources of information (e.g.., media, informal social contact).10. To measure the popularity of various radio, TV networks, and other forms of media.11. To identify the socio-demographic information (sex, age, level of education, occupation, place of residence…) of respondents.

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