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Strengthen the Capacity of the Accountant General of the Federation of Nigeria

Africa USAID 2007 2008

This project sought to build the capacity of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF) and Auditor General’s Office (AGO) to use an electronic Transaction Recording and Reporting System (TRRS) developed with assistance from the World Bank and IMF. At the beginning of the project, 51 of the 105 government ministries, departments, and agencies and none of the federal payroll offices were using the TRRS to submit timely accounts. The project aimed to change the business practices of branches of the federal government so they would integrate the TRRS into their operations, strengthening the capacity of the AGF to complete the consolidation of accounting information from all Ministries and agencies in a timely manner, and ensuring that consolidated data was used to perform real-time audits. Trainings enhanced accountants’ capacity to enter information into the TRRS and auditors’ capacity both in the AGF and AGO to perform real-time audits of government agencies, offices, aid Ministries.As part of this initiative, DevTech developed an organizational change management (OCM) strategy for the TRRS, and worked with other project team members to implement it. The purpose of the OCM strategy was to ensure that all system users were fully aware of the changes taking place as a result of the new system, and understood their respective roles in the organization.