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Support for the Service Delivery Integration (SSDI) Activity Evaluation

Africa USAID 2011 2016

Under contract from USAID/Malawi, DevTech Systems is currently providing performance evaluation services to The Support for Service Delivery Integration (SSDI) activity in Malawi. USAID/Malawi’s flagship health activity, SSDI aims to strengthen health systems in Malawi throughthe implementation of three primary health sector activities: SSDI-Services, SSDI-Communication, and SSDI-Systems. DevTech Systems’ approach to conducting the final performance evaluation of the SSDI activity involves all three component.

SSDI-Services Component - the evaluation will determine the effect of SSDI-Services’ interventions on:

  • improved service delivery and quality of care at supported community clinics and health facilities;
  • expanded coverage of quality EHP services; and
  • increased uptake of quality integrated EH.

SSDI- Communications Component - determine the extent SSDI- Communications achieved its four primary objectives with specific focus on:

  • extent to which SSDI-Communications was able to reposition the Health Education Section (HES);
  • the degree to which SSDI-Communications’ campaigns resonated with individuals and communities; and
  • an appraisal of the community mobilization implementation model.

SSDI-Systems Methodologies Component - analyze and evaluate:

  • approaches to capacity strengthening;
  • institutionalization of key MoH functions, including supportive supervision;
  • management structures;
  • response to stakeholder expressed needs; and
  • mentorship in relation to the activity’s achievements.

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