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System of Monitoring and Evaluation for Municipalities

Latin America and the Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank 2003 2003

DevTech provided technical assistance on the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) System of Monitoring and Evaluation project in El Salvador as a subcontractor to ICMA. DevTech and ICMA collaborated again as a result of the team’s success on the Local Development Program II: Design of Indicators of Financial Performance and Classification of Municipalities in El Salvador project in 2001. During 2002, the IDB implemented the monitoring and evaluation program, called FORFIM, for its financial and administrative work in El Salvador. DevTech used data from work conducted during this period to evaluate and redesign the financial and administrative indicators. Additionally, DevTech helped improve the current drafts of the Plan for Strengthening the Finances of Municipalities Plan de Fortalecimiento Financiero Municipal (PFFM) and the Financial and Economic Prospects of Municipalities Potencial Económico y Fincanciero Municipal. DevTech worked to ensure that the indicators reflect the FORFIM program’s final objectives, consulting with interested municipal associations. Finally, DevTech presented a final design of instruments and tools to support the new monitoring and evaluation system for FORFIM, and assist in updating the Operating Manual for the Local Development Program to reflect the design of the new monitoring and evaluation system and activities of the new FORFIM.