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Tax Computerization Project Outsourcing Initiative Feasibility Study for the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Asia U.S. Trade and Development Agency 2002 2003

In partnership with the M Group, DevTech conducted a feasibility study for the BIR’s Outsourcing Initiative. As part of this feasibility study, DevTech conducted a thorough analysis of the information technology assets to be included in the outsourcing arrangement. Typically these assets comprise a mixture of hardware, software, services, processes, and personnel.DevTech also analyzed organizational issues related to the general approach and framework, specific methodologies and procedures, and their rationale.Legal and regulatory issues were also considered, including a "Benefits Funding" scheme, current legislation and statutes, and any legal issues that may affect the outsourcing and/or BOT ("Build-Own-Transfer") arrangement.In addition, DevTech assisted the BIR in preparing the business case to be presented to the Legislature, including the scope and structure of the outsourcing arrangement that is most appropriate to BIR’s circumstances; ways of overcoming legal/regulatory obstacles that have been identified; and the controls that will be put in place to ensure, among other things, the quality and security of the outsourcing arrangement and the equitable treatment to be accorded BIR employees under the arrangement. DevTech also assisted in preparing the tender documents and provided guidance to the BIR in the bid solicitation and evaluation stages.