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Tax Policy and Administration Reform (TPAR)

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2005 2010

The Tax Policy and Administration Reform (TPAR) project supported the Government of El Salvador’s Ministry of Finance in its efforts to improve and modernize tax policy and administration. The primary focus during the project’s initial years was on strengthening and modernizing tax administration. DevTech provided long-term intermittent and short-term technical assistance, and successfully:>Conducted a benchmarking study documenting the existing Ministry of Finance indicators, the benchmarks, and the performance to be obtained;>Made an IT assessment and recommendations;>Conducted an administrative structure assessment and issued recommendations;>Assessed the potential performance under the existing tax administration structure;>Analyzed ways to maximize collections;>Assessed the VAT (value added tax) control system and issued recommendations; and>Documented an Administrative Structure for a Tax Administration Modernization Plan.

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